ARIA Telemedicine Platform

Doctor-Patient Communication, Patient Monitoring

DataRiver has developed the “ARIA” Telemedicine Platform, certified as a class IIa medical device according to MDR 2017/45, designed to ensure effective interaction between medical staff and patients and offer a tool for monitoring patients’ health and quality of life.

The ARIA platform enables:

– remote monitoring of the patient’s physiological parameters through the use of medical devices

– the management of Patient Report Outcomes (ePRO) for the administration of patient questionnaires via smartphone

– the management of a video-visit system that allows physicians and nurses to interact remotely with the patient

– the receipt of pre-alerts in case the values monitored by the patient through the medical devices used and the scores of the electronic questionnaires, exceed a certain threshold or a range of values predefined by the clinician


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Monitoring of patient physiological parameters collected through the use of medical devices including:

ECG – QT: Corrected QT interval duration based on ECG signal

ECG QT: The QT interval represents the duration of ventricular electrical systole.

ECG – PR: PR interval duration based on ECG signal

ECG – QRS: QRS interval duration based on ECG signal

PPG – AFIB: Atrial fibrillation result from PPG

SPO2: Oxygen saturation

Average heart rate, Minimum heart rate & Maximum heart rate

Apnea–Hypopnea Index

Medical personnel, through the dashboard module available on the ARIA platform, can remotely monitor trends in vital (and nonvital) parameters collected from medical devices used by patients through specific customizable charts.

ARIA enables the management of Electronic Patient Report Outcomes (ePRO) with the administration of questionnaires, via apps on smartphones, used by the patient and the elaboration of scores on the questionnaires to support medical staff in understanding the patient’s health status.

The ARIA platform has a telehealth module that allows medical staff to remotely interact with the patient, manage a calendar with scheduled video visits with patients registered on the platform.




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