Remote Patient Monitoring and Support

DataRiver has developed the MyHealth telemedicine platform for patient remote monitoring and support, which allows you to optimize the interaction between medical staff and patients and improve the quality of life (QoL) of patients.
The platform allows:

– to manage a telemonitoring system of the patient’s physiological parameters through the use of medical devices
– the collection of data on physical and rehabilitation activities carried out by patients through the use of wearable devices and sensors
– the administration of patient questionnaires accessible via App on smartphone/tablet
– monitoring the patient’s therapy
– the management of a tele-visit system
– the management of a repository system for the exchange of clinical documentation between medical staff and patients



The software technologies developed by DataRiver allow hospitals and clinical centers to better manage the patient load, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and cutting costs for the hospital system, in providing a validated tool for remote monitoring and support of patients suffering from oncological, cardiological, diabetic and neurological pathologies while also managing the patient’s follow-up.

These technologies are a key support support for homecare companies for managing home patients.

Patient Monitoring

The MyHealth platform enables hospitals to optimise the remote monitoring of patients who have been discharged or for whom hospitalisation is not required, providing a fundamental tool for the management of telemonitoring, remote control and telehealth activities. By using medical devices it is possible to remotely monitor patient parameters (such as Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Glucose-Related Parameters, Body Temperature).

The MyHealth platform also makes it possible to manage the administration of patient questionnaires accessible via App on smartphones/tablets (such as the patient’s daily journal, as wella as adverse events, drug toxicity and QoL questionnaires).


Patient support optimization

MyHealth enables improved communication between the medical staff and the patient through the use of Voice Assistants and ChatBots.
The My Health platform allows you to:

  • Support patients on how to administer therapy, prepare for clinical examinations, remind them of appointments and scheduled visits
  • Contact patients and offer them support at the right times through advanced analysis of collected data
  • Collect information on the health status of patients at the most appropriate times

Patient therapy management

MyHealth makes it possible to monitor the safety of the therapy prescribed to the patient and the intake of the therapy through specific web platform features:

  • Pill Reminder
  • Medication Intake Verification
  • Adverse Event Reporting


The tools

ARIA Telemedicine Platform

MyHealth is a web and mobile platform designed to ensure effective interaction between medical staff and patients that offers new opportunities for continuous monitoring of patients' health and quality of life