Patient Support Programs

To manage patients involved in the Patient Support Programs (PSP), DataRiver has developed a Mobile and Web Application that optimizes the organization, conduction and monitoring of the activities of the involved staff.


Pharmaceutical sector, Homecare

The Homecare web platform provides an innovative tool for companies that run Patient Support Programs (PSP). The web platform helps you optimize and monitor the organization of home and hospital services by meeting the needs of doctors, paramedics and staff involved in support programs during the therapeutic process.

Completion of application form and documentation.

The Web Platform allows the online completion of the application form and the sharing of documentation with authorized operators


Scheduling of patient visits, exams, drug administration, log of activities carried out by operators

Via PC, tablet and smartphone, the Web Platform manages and schedules patient visits, laboratory tests and drug administration and gives the operators access to a shared calendar with an automatic notification system. The Web platform provides monitoring of the activities carried out by the health personnel involved in the program. The control register stores the center, the operator, the date, the type of activity, the start and end time of the activity and the geolocation.


Video visit

The Web application allows the specialist to interact remotely with the patient during the home visit performed by the operator. The video visit system has been implemented through an HIPAA compliant software platform (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant with the international standards for the safety and protection of sensitive patient data.



Case studies


The tools

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Platform for Patient Support Programs (PSP) management

Mobile and Web Application enabling patient management in Clinical Trials and Patient Support Programs (PSP) while optimizing the organization, conduction and monitoring of activities carried out by the involved staff.