The Company

The Infectious Diseases Operating Unit of the San Raffaele Hospital, in collaboration with other Clinical Units and basic research laboratories of the San Raffaele Hospital, is the coordinating center of numerous national and international clinical studies, in particular for the research of diagnostic strategies and innovative therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, viral hepatitis, bacterial and parasitic infections, endocarditis/vascular infections.


The Challenge

Fondazione Centro San Raffaele had the necessity to optimize the management of the reservation system for patients in the center who are treated with long-acting therapy.


The solution

DataRiver has provided the institute with the My Health Platform which allows you to manage the booking system safely and effectively. The MyHealth Platform allows center staff to manage an online calendar, schedule appointments, send reminders to the patient to remind him of the injection appointment and allow the patient to propose a later date available on the calendar in case of impossibility to show up on the date indicated.



The use of the My Health platform has allowed the clinic to optimize the management of the booking system for patients following long-acting therapy, through a system that guarantees compliance with privacy regulations and ensures high usability both for the patient and for the medical staff of the centre.