The Company

The North-West Oncology Group (GONO) is a scientific association made up of doctors and researchers, with the aim of contributing to the development of research and study activities in the field of clinical oncology. It is a cooperative group founded in 1987 with the specific aim of promoting independent research, that is not strictly linked to the interests of pharmaceutical companies.


The Challenge

Development a new eCRF web platform, compliant with international standards in clinical data management, for unified management and monitoring of the progress of multi-center clinical trials conducted in the oncology field from the Institute.


The solution

Development of the eCRF platform for the management of multi-center clinical studies in oncology integrated to the “MOMIS Dashboard” clinical trial monitoring system that allows the integration, analysis and extraction of the collected data related to the various clinical studies managed.



– management with a single eCRF software system of the multi-center clinical studies conducted in the oncology field
– real-time monitoring of clinical trials’s progress and data relating to patients involved in the various clinical studies