The Company

The National Cancer Institute of Ukraine is one of the oldest scientific medical institutes in the country, which was founded on 7th July 1920 through the reorganisation of the radiological central ward in the Kyiv Radiology X-ray Institute. The Institute has the goal to unify diagnostics and treatment for oncological patients. The clinic of the Institute has 600 swing-beds and it can accommodate 400 oncological patients in a day – surgeries of highest complexity are being carried out at the clinic. In 1996, the Institute established “The National Cancer Registry of Ukraine”. Areas of scientific and practical work are analysis of cancer incidence, mortality and survival rates in the Ukrainian population and the state of cancer care, which is annually published in the bulletin of the National Cancer Registry, as well as a prediction on cancer epidemiological process in Ukraine to determine priorities in cancer control. The Registry has been operative in all regions of the country and its data of cancer incidence was ,for the first time, included in the international edition “Cancer Incidence in 5 Continents”, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR). The Institute has 1’052 employees, 95 researchers, including 22 D.Sc.M. and 44 – Ph.D., and 14 professors. International cooperation on oncology and radiology have been established with the European Association of Cancer, European Association of Radiologists, the International Association of Lung Cancer, the International Academy of Pathology, European Society for Medical Oncology and others.


The Challenge

The National Cancer Institute aims to promote the development of a project for the standardization, in the OMOP COMMON DATA MODEL format, of the data relating to patients affected by lymphoma contained in its hospital databases.

For the development of this project, the National Cancer Institute participated in the European 7th Data Partner Call coordinated by the EHDEN Consortium (

The objective of the European tender “7th Data Partner Call” is to convert patient data contained in electronic medical records, registries and other data sources managed by European hospitals, according to the OMOP COMMON DATA MODEL standard, creating an integrated structure of the collected data, facilitating their use for a variety of objectives, improving and accelerating research and decision-making in healthcare, and gaining global advantage.


The solution

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of Big Data integration and Clinical Data Harmonization, DataRiver is able to support healthcare facilities in the process of standardization of health data with respect to the OMOP Common Data Model standard.
DataRiver supported the hospital in carrying out the project, carrying out data cleaning, processing and mapping of data sources according to the OMOP Common Data Model format required by the project.



The National Cancer Institute is developing the project of standardization of lymphoma patient data contained in the institute’s hospital databases and the Ukrainian lymphoma registry. The aim of the project is to further increase knowledge of the pathologies being studied through the sharing of data between cutting-edge European research centres, with the aim of improving clinical activity.