The Pleinair project will be presented on Thursday 25 November at 11.45 at the Forum of Non Self-Sufficiency and Possible Autonomy which will take place in Bologna at the Savoia Hotel Congress Center.

In the Pleinair project an innovative approach to physical activity has been adopted through street furniture equipped with “intelligence” thanks to Cloud and IoT technologies. During the meeting, the project results, the app and the OSO (Outdoor Smart Objects) developed thanks to Pleinair will be presented, i.e. shiny furniture and tools with sensors and actuators capable of recognizing the user and dynamically adapting their performance. both morphological and functional.

The research project involves DataRiver, Future Technology Lab – University of Parma, Teknehub – Tecnopolo di Ferrara, CIRI Life Sciences and Health Technologies – Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, AIAS Bologna onlus, ERGOTEK srl, mHealth Technologies and Democenter-Sipe Foundation.

More information is available at the following link: