MyHealth Web Platform

Doctor-Patient Communication, Patient Monitoring

MyHealth is a Web and Mobile platform designed to ensure effective Medical Staff-Patient interaction while providing new opportunities for monitoring patient’s  health and quality of life.

The My Health platform is validated (Computer System Validation) according to international standards and guidelines for clinical trials: ICH GCP, 21 CFR part 11 and IT security: OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST 800-115, ISO-IEC 27: 000 2016, ISO / IEC 27001: 2017, ISO / IEC 27002: 2013.

With MyHealth platform you can:

– collect data on physical activity performed by patients and monitor their physiological parameters through medical and wearable devices

– administer patient questionnaires accessible via App on smartphone / tablet

– manage a direct medical-patient communication channel through ChatBot and Voice Assistant

– manage photos and images collected directly from patients

– manage a video visit system that allows doctors and nurses to interact remotely with the patient

– the integration of clinical data collected on electronic health record (EHR), Rare Diseases and Pathology Registries and eCRF systems

The collected data are processed through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to perform a multidimensional monitoring of patients, to support a correct understanding of clinical manifestations and to plan personalized care pathways and prevention programs.



Automatic collection of data related to the patient’s physiological parameters and physical activities through both medical and wearable devices

Management of patient questionnaires via smartphone/tablet

MyHealth allows to improve the communication between the medical staff and the patient through ChatBot and Voice Assistant. The My Health platform allows to:

  • Support patients in the administration of the therapy, preparation for clinical examinations, remembering appointments and scheduled visits
  • Contact patients and offer them support at the right times through an advanced analysis of the data collected
  • Collect information on the health status of patients at the right times

Management of the patient’s therapy, enabling you to set different functions and automatic alerts / notifications both for the doctor and for the patient. These functions include:

Pill Reminder
Drug-drug interaction
Patient therapy database management
Routine blood test result
Safety indicator
Pharmacovigilance alert




Case studies

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