Virtual Data Integration from heterogeneous and distributed data sources

MOMIS Dashboard is a web and mobile application, based on the open source data integration system MOMIS (Mediator envirOnment for Multiple Information Sources). MOMIS Dashboard allows you to monitor and analyze, in real time, Big Data integrated from different databases such as eCRF systems, pathology registries, laboratory databases and other databases used by hospitals and clinical research centers, without intervening on individual data sources and providing secure access to data while maintaining the visibility constraints for each type of user.



The MOMIS Dashboard Web Application enables you to search and filter Big Data contained on heterogeneous and distributed data sources and display information on maps, aggregated tables and customized charts based on the specific needs of the user and the project. MOMIS Dashboard allows to view the progress of the KPIs of interest and to process customized reports that can be exported in Microsoft Excel and PDF format.