Rare disease, Pathology and Cancer registries

DataRiver develops clinical electronic data-capture databases and provides services, support and assistance for the management of Pathology registries, cancer registers and rare diseases, accessible by authorized users via PCs, smartphones and tablets.


Pharmaceutical sector, Biomedical sector, Indipendent Clinical Research

DataRiver is a reliable partner for physicians, researchers, medical direction and medical marketing of pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, in the implementation and management of rare disease and pathology registries. The registries of pathology, cancer and rare diseases developed by DataRiver allow the collection, integration of data extracted from heterogeneous databases, the import of previous data collected on existing clinical databases, allowing the user to have a personalized management with respect to requests and objectives of the research project.

Registry data management and integration

With consolidated expertise in Data Integration and Big Data, DataRiver provides services and consultancy for the integration of data collected on heterogeneous databases already in use of medical staff, allowing a unified view of the available data and simplifying data analysis.


Back data import and collected data export

DataRiver provides services and consultancy for back data import from existing clinical databases, rare diseases and pathology registries.


Clinical statistics report generation

DataRiver configures features for exporting data in formats customarily used for statistical analysis as well as in Excel and PDF formats, and handles the generation of predefined and customized reports that may be sent automatically to designated users.



The tools


Web and Mobile Application for the management of rare disease and pathology registry.

MOMIS Dashboard

Web and Mobile Application allowing you to visualize and monitor in real time data related to clinical trials run and managed on heterogeneous software platforms.