Clinical Trials Monitoring

DataRiver has developed the MOMIS Dashboard web application for integrating, visualizing, monitoring and analysing data from clinical trials and clinical registries and managed on heterogeneous eCRF, clinical registries and private company databases. The system allows you to query the data present in the different systems without intervening on the single data sources and providing a secure access to the data while maintaining the visibility constraints for each type of user.


Pharmaceutical sector, Indipendent Clinical Research

The web application “MOMIS Dashboard” enables the Medical management, Medical marketing of Pharmaceutical companies, the Business development area and Medical marketing direction of Biomedical companies and individual physicians promoting independent clinical trials to visualize, analyze and monitor, in real time, the progress of clinical trials, pathology registries managed on eCRF systems and clinical databases.

Data Integration and Data Analysis

The Momis Dashboard web application allows you to integrate data referred to single or multiple clinical studies managed on heterogeneous databases, providing a unique tool for data extraction and visualization.


Clinical trial progress status

The Momis Dashboard web application allows you to visualize, in textual and graphical format, data related to the progress status of patients and of the conducted clinical studies, providing a constant update to researchers and promoters.



The web application allows for the automatic generation and delivery of predefined and customized reports related to clinical trials.



The tools

MOMIS Dashboard

Web and Mobile Application allowing you to visualize and monitor in real time data related to clinical trials run and managed on heterogeneous software platforms.